Lynk Community




Major stores within our Lismore Square shopping centre have offered customers a contact-less, drive-thru Click & Collect service in which customers can grab their essential groceries without stepping out of the car!

Our Castletown centre has a new coffee drive-thru service thanks to the team at Good Morning Coffee Trader.  This forward-thinking solution allows customers to grab their morning coffee and croissant without stepping out of the car.

When the shutdown was first introduced, many hospitality businesses found themselves unable to continue on.  The team at Bear & Luca Cafe never faltered though, continuing to promote their takeaway options and adapting to a new normal with a smile!

The Taking Shape team were asked by their head office management to remain positive & optimistic through COVID-19. The Castletown crew took on the challenge, handing out toilet paper to elderly shoppers to show their support and share a laugh.

The Castletown Donut King crew have provided families with a reprieve from stuck-at-home life with their creative donut isolation packs. After all, there’s nothing donuts can’t fix! We’re proud to see our retailers caring for our community, even through the worst of times.

When their customers couldn’t come to them, Big Al’s went to their customers, delivering much-needed fresh produce to those members of the community who are unable to come into the centre.

The essentials for getting through COVID-19: toilet paper and coffee! The Kingaroy Donut King shop said they couldn’t help with the toilet paper issue, but was able to keep their fellow retailers and their customers well-caffeinated thanks to their new mobile coffee cart.